Thursday, November 17, 2011

Step-by-Step: How to Learn the Thai Alphabet

Parisa, the Visiting Scholar from Thailand’s Bangkok Christian College, brings wonderful energy and teaching strategies when sharing Thai culture. Step-by-step, she walks students through the process of learning a new written language. Read the following exert from an email Parisa sent to the ASOP office about her week at Mount Anthony Middle School:

I want to share with you how the students in Mount Anthony Middle School enjoyed learning the Thai alphabet and making bookmarks with their “Thai names” written on them. 

First, I told them about the Thai alphabet and Thai vowels.
Next, I we practiced pronunciation.

I then wrote the alphabet on the board (the first to the fifth one) and let volunteers copy them. It was amazing that they could copy Thai alphabet! Next, I let the students write their names in English down one side of the bookmarker. I then showed them, one by one, how to write their names in Thai. They had to practice on blank paper until they were sure that they could write down in the book marks. The students were so successful!

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