Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2011-2012 Visiting Scholars arrive

Visiting Scholars at the waterfront in Burlington
It was with much excited anticipation that the ASOP staff was looking forward to the weekend of August 20th, the weekend when the Visiting Scholars would be arriving from China and Thailand.

Bill Williams and Gerry Gatz took turns greeting the Visiting Scholars at the airport: as they have had years of experience with international travel, the delayed flights, canceled flights and late night arrivals did not come as a great shock to the two veterans of the Visiting Scholars program. The Visiting Scholars arrived safely, albeit tired, with all of their luggage.
Visiting Scholars from Thailand in the ASOP office

On the Monday and Tuesday, Bill and Gerry brought the Visiting Scholars to the University of Vermont, where the 8 Visiting Scholars were able to visit the ASOP office, the Office of International Education, and the UVM campus.
First meal with host family and friends

 The Visiting Scholars were happy to spend a few hours together, as on Tuesday afternoon they were picked up by their host families and would begin their cultural exchange programs.

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