Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thai Shadow-Puppets and the Creative Spirit at EES

During the week of October 18th, students at Essex Elementary School Learning Center had a wonderful surprise. Each class entered the Learning Center to find the lights dimmed, beautiful Thai music playing softly, and Mrs. Scrimgeour, Mrs. Doble and Cherry dressed in festive Thai costumes. The children were introduced to traditional Thai shadow-puppets, and then watched a shadow-puppet show of the story “Why Frog and Snake Never Play Together,” a pourquoi-style of tale that explains why something is the way it is.  

Read Thitima’s reflection of sharing Thai art and culture at EES, and follow the link at the end of the reflection for the EES Learning Center link to see more pictures.

Thai House
Thai Paper-cutting
I had a chance to work in the Essex Elementary School Learning Center for the last 2 weeks, and it was great. I have met every student in school. This week I worked with the art teacher. The students in the kindergarten worked on Thai tie dye and this time I let them tie the string by themselves (which is too difficult for them). With the 1st graders, we worked on Thai paper cutting with the Lai Thai and making shirt. With the 2nd graders, we worked on traditional Thai house and decorated with the Thai style. It was fun and I was learning from my mistake. Every day is like a new day for me.

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