Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Champlain Valley Fair

The 10-day Champlain Valley Fair is Vermont's largest fair. Over the last decade total fair attendance has been almost 300,000 per year, which is nearly half the population of Vermont! The fair is a fun way to get to know the state, as it hosts a large agricultural exhibit, with a dairy cows, other farm animals, and 4-H-style events for both livestock and agriculture, a large area dedicated to a mix of local foods like real maple syrup, over 46 different fair rides including a Wild Mouse roller coaster and a large Ferris wheel.
Fun food, entertainment, and rides: all things Vermonters love, which is why were we so pleased to see that Visiting Scholar Shen Guohua also had the chance to attend the best fair in the state. She said she had a great time, and was impressed with the animals, machines, and especially the tractors!
Shen Guohua at the Fair

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